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You CAN sit with us!

You CAN sit with us

So you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘girls compete with each other, women empower each other’ before, well we’re about to prove why you sassy sisters should stop being a bitch – to put it bluntly.

Why is it as girls we feel the compulsive need to be so damn judgemental and for some reason so critical of ourselves and others? Why do we spend so much time nit-picking the decisions that other women have made in their lives? Whether it be their job, their partner, their dress sense, or their ideals on motherhood… you name it, we usually have something negative to comment on.

While we do all love a bit of gossip (come on, who doesn’t?), we need to stop putting an emphasis on spreading the word when it comes to revealing a juicy bit of scandal. Agreed that men do the same, it seems to be as though women are particularly hard on each other. With that being said, this is one of the mechanisms that stands in the way of women when it comes to being supportive and empowering one another.

Rather than criticising and competing with each other, we should be linking up and creating power circuits, yes girl you heard it, you waltz into that room with your every-growing clique by your side. Keep adding to your squad rather than turning up your nose and donning that resting bitch face.

So, you want to become more positive and encouraging of the women in your life? You’ve already managed the first hurdle, which is the realisation phrase, now all you need to do is be more confident in yourself and in turn share this cosmic energy and attitude with other women. Challenge yourself to following five fundamentals…

  1. Compliment each other

As long as it’s genuine, compliment, simple as that. Whether your friend has got amazing new hair or you love the dress of a complete stranger, tell them. This little gesture can totally lift a person’s spirits and could even make their day.

  1. Zip it and listen

Yes ok you’ve got loads to talk about, but shut up a minute, a one-way conversation is never a good one. In order to build a good rapport with someone, whether that be on a personal or professional manner, you need to listen and show interest in the person that you are chatting with.

  1. Offer support

Whether or not you can relate to the problem in hand, offer your kindness and support to help a person with their situation. Even just being a listening ear can help so much.

  1. Be nice

This sounds a little obvious, but it’s true. Drop the bitch act and blatant rudeness and instead when you walk past women don’t be dismissive, smile and even say hello. It’s common courtesy for people to return the greeting.

  1. F**k fakeness

Ok so this is a biggie. What’s worse than a bitch is a fake one. Not only does being real showcase your fabulous self, this empowers other women to do the same and consequently builds trust and respect and could even go on to blossom into true friendship.

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