A healthy mind = a happy life, right?

But what are the steps you can take to becoming happier, healthier, more productive and positive in all areas of your life?

Future Boss Club tried to find out!

For our first event of a brand new year, we presented ‘Mind Ya Business!’ 

We got a panel of the four happiest, most productive people in the city and we meet them to learn what hints, tips and tricks you can take away and apply to your life to make sure that 2018 was your year!

We discussed the power of mindfulness and meditation, productivity and positivity hacks, yoga for your lifestyle and how to deal with stress and anxiety in the workplace and in your personal life…

We wanted to create an open and safe space to discuss how we can personally and professionally develop into the very best versions of ourselves…The future boss that you know you are.

We hosted a panel of four incredible individuals who each shared their stories and shared their top tips on how their practices, beliefs and routines can transform your life into one full of productivity, positivity and mindfulness.