Future Boss Club presented Dollar, Dollar Bills…

Who has pretty much zero money at the end of the month? How about always waiting on the next payday? Or wanting to scream the house down when you think about your student loan, overdraft or even…Your pension plan?!

Yeah, don’t worry – Us too…

This is why we got your finances covered with an event to show to look after yourself and your money.

Student loans, debt repayments, savings, pension plans, over drafts, mortgages – All those tough topics, that, yeah we know, you might not always want to think about – We took away the fear from them all.

It’s not easy being an under 30 Future Boss, but at Dollar, Dollar Bills, we equipped you with all the answers, information and resources so you can get your head around your personal finances, and get back to being BOSS! 

We were joined by the NatWest team who were on hand to answer all of our questions and give us the low down on how we can make our hard-earned cash work for us!

There was also plenty of food and of course prosecco (What’s a Future Boss Club event without that?!) – and all guests received a Future Boss Club tote bag filled to the brim with goodies.