Not another Christmas Party! Alright, alright – We can hear the groans from here!

We know the drill. November rolls around and suddenly your inbox is flooded with Christmas EVERYTHING, whether it’s your office Christmas party, enforced Secret Santa and more ‘Festive Drinks’ than you can handle…

That’s why this year, we wanted to do things a little differently…We do things the Future Boss Club way!

No fuss. No drama. No big deal.

Drinks. Nibbles. Chatting

That’s it!

And what makes it better than your average Christmas party? Well, because it was hosted by us – Future Boss Club

Your local girl gang, who are on a mission to create the next generation of future leaders.

We’ve held 8 events since March for women aged 18-30, focused on personal and professional development and it’s been…BOSS.

But to end the year, we wanted to open up our invitations to EVERYONE! Not just the Future Bosses. So we can share the achievements of our Future Bosses, celebrate 2017 and look to the new year and what it will bring!

We hosted our Christmas party at the Radisson Blu on Old Hall Street on Wednesday 13th December and it was a beaut!

This event was sponsored by the Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool, so a big THANK YOU to them!