Future Boss Club Self Care Sunday

5 simple ways to self care this Sunday

As future bosses and female professionals, it is always go, go, go. Most of the time we forget just to take a minute to stop and breathe. Never has there been more pressure on us to deliver and achieve, this is why looking after yourself is so important. To help, here are five simple self care ways that you can unwind and recharge ahead of the new week.

1. Switch off the phone and grab a book

Stop swiping (we are all guilty of it), find a comfortable spot and grab a book. Just half an hour of reading will not only help you grab a few minutes of peace but will also get your creative juices flowing ready to take on Monday and show it who is boss.

If you are looking for book inspiration, check out our FBC Book Club page for some fierce female favs.

Future Boss Club reading Self care


2.  Get out there

Nothing recharges the soul like a good walk somewhere green. Stick on the trainers or some comfy shoes and just head out. The fresh air will help you clear your head and will give your lungs a good workout. Your body will thank you, your head will thank you and you will get that fun hit of endorphins as a nice reward.

If you don’t like walking alone, you can join us on Sunday 28 July for our Well-being Walk in Sefton Park. We will be meeting at 11am and there will be plenty of cute doggos for you to swoon over. Check out the deets here

3.  Crack our your inner chef

Sundays are the perfect day to craft your culinary skills and say hello to your inner Nigella. Whether you learn how to bake the perfect loaf or take some time to prep your lunches for the upcoming week, it is a great way to unwind and you will have all of the delicious food you made to enjoy afterwards.

4. Journal it

Writing in a journal is not something new but it has been proven to help mental health in many ways.

You don’t have to commit to doing it every day as we know we are all time-starved but grabbing a pad and jotting down your thoughts from the week or your to-do list for the upcoming week will make you feel organised and in control.

It is also the perfect excuse for hitting the stationery shop to treat yourself to a cute pad or a new pen. Who doesn’t feel amazing after a stationery haul!

5. Slip into a hot bath – the bubblier the better

Go movie style on your Sunday, crack our the candles, dump a whole load of your favourite smelling bubbles into a hot bath and say goodbye to the daily stress for a short while.

You should finish feeling pampered and ready to punch Monday in the face.

That was just five ways to treat yourself and get a few minutes of me-time. Hopefully, it was useful and whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a relaxing Sunday.

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